At the very heart of OG Solutions lies a tale of two souls bound by an undeniable love for animals and each other. Their journeys, though starting continents apart, came together with shared values, dreams, and aspirations. Today, we invite you to venture into their story – a tapestry of love, commitment, and relentless passion.

Gina: From Rescued Chickens to Branding Expertise

Gina’s connection with animals can be traced back to her childhood. Hailing from the USA but having laid down roots in the Netherlands, her journey was always marked by the pitter-patter of paws, the chirping of birds, and even the silent gaze of fish. The menagerie that graced her life varied, from the common to the exotic – dogs, parrots, rabbits, lizards, piranhas, snakes, rodents, and more.

Her childhood was forever marked by the day a rescued slaughter-house chicken named Lucky entered her life. Declawed and beakless, Lucky found a home, love, and care with young Gina, and lived out his days as a cherished member of the family.

As Gina grew, her compassion took on tangible forms. From fostering miniature pinschers to setting up a nonprofit bird rescue for cockatiels in the U.S., her actions spoke louder than words. Parallelly, the corporate world saw Gina excel as a Marketing Director, using her expertise to shape brands and carve out compelling marketing strategies over two decades.

Oscar: Birds, Tech, and a Love Everlasting

Oscar, a native of the Netherlands, always had a soft corner for animals. Although primarily raised with dogs, his fascination with the animal kingdom knew no bounds. He embraced creatures that others might shy away from, including tarantulas and snakes.

But it was birds that truly captured Oscar’s heart. It wasn’t until Gina entered his life that he realized the joy of having birds as family. Together, they began with lovebirds but their drive didn’t stop there. The allure of the Eclectus species captivated them, and after thorough research and preparation, they welcomed Roma and Rima, a pair that would reshape their destiny.

Professionally, Oscar’s expertise in IT across various  companies gave him a unique vantage point, equipping him with the tools to help others navigate the digital realm.

OG Solutions: When Two Worlds Collide

OG Solutions wasn’t just born out of professional expertise; it was forged from shared dreams and love. Gina and Oscar, with their combined prowess in branding, tech, and web development, envisioned a day where their adoration for animals could make a tangible difference in the world.

The journey began with Roma and Rima, the Eclectus pair. These extraordinary parrots not only brought joy but also unraveled a deeper calling for Gina and Oscar. Their involvement with ‘Hope for Wings,’ a Dutch non-profit for the rehoming of parrots, grew from adopting the beautiful Luna to contributing to the organization’s noble cause.

OG Solutions Today

At OG Solutions, we don’t just build brands or design websites; we bridge passions. Inspired by our profound love for animals and backed by professional expertise, we are on a mission. To champion the causes of animal enthusiasts, rescuers, and conservationists, and to amplify their voice in the digital realm.

Join us in this journey. Because at OG Solutions, we believe that every story, every dream, and every passion deserves to be heard.