The Story Behind the Sparkle

About Us

Strategic Branding with a Spark of Brilliance

We believe that every ambitious woman deserves a brand that fuels her unstoppable drive. That’s why we fuse strategic brilliance with sophisticated polish to transform visions into success stories. Think of us as your champion strategist, infusing your brand with a brilliance that sets you apart and helps you conquer your boldest business goals.

Meet Gina: Your Brand Strategist

Gina never believed in the one-size-fits-all approach to branding. Inspired by her own journey of building a fulfilling life, marketing career, and thriving business abroad, she founded OG Solutions with a mission to ignite ambition. Gina empowers women to turn their passions into brands as extraordinary and unique as they are.

A self-proclaimed “brand geek,” Gina’s expertise runs deep. She’s armed with a toolbox of strategic frameworks and insights from over two decades of helping businesses achieve extraordinary results. But for Gina, it’s not just about pretty logos. She digs deep, unearthing a client’s core brilliance and translating it into a brand that positions them for success, attracts dream clients, and propels them forward.

Think of Gina as your brand champion, strategist, and biggest cheerleader all rolled into one. With clarity, strategic insights, and a healthy dose of infectious enthusiasm, she’ll guide you through the sometimes murky waters of brand development. Expect insightful questions, moments of “aha!”, and a spark of brilliance that transforms the process from overwhelming to empowering.

Our Values: Your Brand’s North Star


The guiding principles behind everything we do.

Authenticity Rules

We believe every ambitious woman deserves a brand that reflects her unique brilliance and fuels her unstoppable drive. Your brand should be a true reflection of you and your mission, but it also needs the strategic muscle to overcome challenges and achieve extraordinary results.

Strategy + Sparkle = Success

We don’t just craft beautiful brands; we ignite potential. Expect a brand-building journey that positions you as an authority in your market, attracts your dream clients, and lets you achieve your boldest business goals. We’ll be your guide and champion throughout the process, empowering you with the tools and strategies you need to conquer every step.

We’re All About Collaboration

Our success is intertwined with yours. Together, we’ll uncover your brand’s true brilliance and forge a collaborative partnership built on celebrating wins and strategizing through any obstacle.

When We’re Not Building Brands, We’re…

You might find us geeking out over the latest branding trends

Sipping way too much coffee

Volunteering with our local parrot rescue. (Our Eclectus parrots are the inspiration behind our bold brand colors!)