We’re proud to announce that today marks a milestone in the journey of Hope for Wings, an exemplary Dutch nonprofit dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of companion parrots. Their brand-new website, a labor of love and passion from both our teams, has taken flight!

A Vision Realized

Hope for Wings has been the beacon of hope for more than 600 parrots, ensuring they receive the love, care, and forever homes they deserve. We worked with them when adoping our Luna, Meeko, and Flip.

We just knew that the Hope for Wings board’s tireless efforts and relentless passion deserved a digital presence that mirrors their spirit and ambition. And we at OG Solutions were humbled and honored to be their wingman in this endeavor.

Reflecting the Present, Paving the Future

The digital realm constantly evolves, and it was essential to create a space for Hope for Wings that not only encapsulated their current ethos but also set the stage for their future aspirations. The new website doesn’t merely provide information—it tells a story. A story of commitment, passion, and the unwavering love Hope for Wings has for every feathered friend they help.

From Passion to Pixels

In collaboration with Hope for Wings, we embarked on a journey to transform their digital identity. We aimed to ensure that every pixel, every page, and every element resonates with the care and dedication they bring to their mission daily. The result? A website that serves as a testament to the organization’s growth, the birds they’ve impacted, and the hearts they’ve touched.

A Glimpse of What’s Inside

While we don’t want to spill all the beans, here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

Heartwarming Stories

Delve into the tales of parrots who found their forever homes, showcasing the transformative power of love and care.

How You Can Help

From volunteering, donating, fostering, and adoption, the new site offers numerous ways for avian enthusiasts to join the cause.

In-depth Resources

Whether you’re a parrot parent or simply an admirer, the website is chock-full of resources and insights into the world of companion parrots.

Join the Flight!

We invite you to experience the vibrant world of Hope for Wings through their renewed digital home. Explore, engage, and perhaps, be inspired to spread your wings alongside this incredible organization.

On behalf of myself and Oscar (the OG Solutions team) we express our heartfelt gratitude to Hope for Wings for entrusting us with this passion project. 

Fly over to the new Hope for Wings website and witness the passion in digital form!